Rainbow Dance Troupe best dance troupe in Indiadnacetroupe

Rainbow Dance Troupe believes dance should be created for the audience as well as the dancers. Using observation to fuel their dance liberates them to create outside of the box.

Rainbow Dance Troupe has performed over 1500 shows all over India and abroad. They have made their presence felt as a ‘Team with Personality’ in every stage set foot on.

Known for their vibrant and charismatic performances, topped with perfection, the Rainbow Dance Troupe strives to be the best and nothing less. Their performances are enhanced by their trendy and unique costumes created by their very own in-house designer.

Rainbow Dance Troupe is proud of the contributions, energy and growth of its members who are also its workforce and artistes. These young and vibrant individuals have developed their skills not only in dance, but also in dance administration. They have toured the world, become professional dance instructors showcasing dance pieces of international standard.

The company stays true to its ideas which includes impacting and imparting values in the lives of all who come in contact with it through dance workshops, collaborations, seminar, trainings, festivals and performances etc

Rainbow Dance Troupe is known for their versatility in performance. The professional team has been trained to adopt any style of dance and render it effortlessly, bhangra to salsa, bollywood to jazz, hip hop to fusionAcorbet to Contemporary and many more… you name it, we bring it.

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